Consequences of Cusp Trapping

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Table of contents

Consequences of Cusp Trapping


Necessity of Quadrupolar Trap


Parallel Dipoles w/ ring current

High Latitude MinimumTrap?

PowerPoint Presentation

Plasma Entry @ Cusps

But Diamagnetic Cavities?

Cusp Diamagnetic Cavities

Plasma is Diamagnetic

MLT/MLAT/Radial Occurrence

Diamagnetic Levitation

Stability calculation algorithm

Force-free dipole conditions

More Simulations

Force free condition

4/800km/s, +/0/- 10nT, Day 172/294,300/10 Dst

Log scale

The Quadrupole Cusp

How do we map topology?


Scaling Laws

Scaled Radiation Belts


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