Cusp Diamagnetic Cavities and Space Lightning

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Cusp Diamagnetic Cavities and Space Lightning

Killer Electrons


McIlwain 66 (96)

MeV electrons can kill you.* (*well, almost, if you own Iridium stock)

McIlwain 66

The Unpredictability of Killer Electrons


The Prediction Paradox

Prediction Models

Koons and Gorney 91

Theoretical Models

The Argument

The Discovery

PowerPoint Presentation

The Simulation

Cusp Diamagnetic Cavities

Significance of CDC

More Simulations

Model Predictions

More predictions


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Space Lightning

Slide 26

Review the Physics

Some simple consequences

Double Spikes

Double Layers & High Potential

The UAH Spinning Terrella

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Slide 33

Slide 34

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More Observations

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