Magnetic Ballooning through the Solar System

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Table of contents

Magnetic Ballooning through the Solar System


The Rocket Equation

Ad Astra?

Okay, how about Pluto

How do solar sails work?

Solar Sails and Space Tethers

Sea Sailing

Tacking Torques

The America’s Cup

Solar Sail Forces: Sunlight

“Pole Sitter” Auroral Observer


Solar Sails: Magnetic Torque

Torquers Are Not Propulsion!

Propulsive Forces

Scooped Twice@APW!

Principle of Mag Balloons

What it doesn’t look like.

Winglee’s M2P2

M2P2 Capabilities

The Plasma Inflator

Some Lab shots

What sort of things can go wrong?

PowerPoint Presentation

Tim, Dennis & Pump

Scaling from 3’ to 30’

roll footage

Some Firsts (to my knowledge)

Can balloons compete w/sails?

Black Plasma

What sort of mass loading?

A Mars Mission Scenario

Mars Express

Hypothetical Balloon


Author: Robert Sheldon

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