Characterization of Dusty Plasmas for Solar Sails

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Table of contents

Characterization of Dusty Plasmas for Solar Sails

The Rocket Equation

How about a fast Pluto flyby?

How do solar sails work?

Issues in Solar Sails

What About The Solar Wind?

Plasma Sail Capabilities


Dusty Plasma Sails

Hybrid Vigour

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Diffuse Interstellar Bands

Advantages of Dust

Hypothetical Dust Sail

Dusty Plasmas

Scaling Up

Magnetized, levitated dust

Saturn's Rings in the Lab

Importance of rings

UAH Spinning Terrella

Negative Biassed Magnet

Gossamer S/C grant from NASA

Phase 1: Spinning Terrella

Dust Levitation

Dust bunnies

Dust Sheet


Dust Grain Laser Pressure

Dusty Sail Mass Loading

Kilogram/Newton vs. Grainsize

Dusty Sail Parameters


Author: Robert Sheldon

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