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Manuscript # 2005-06-06921

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Manuscript # 2005-06-06921
Current Revision #0
Submission Date15th June 05
Current StageManuscript under submission
TitleWill Deep Impact make a splash?
Manuscript TypePhysical Sciences - Article
Corresponding AuthorRobert Sheldon (NASA/MSFC/NSSTC) .
Contributing AuthorRichard Hoover
AbstractRecent cometary observations from spacecraft flybys support the hypothesis that short-period comets have been substantially modified by the presence of liquid water. Such a model can resolve many outstanding questions of cometary dynamics, as well as the differences between the flyby observations and the dirty snowball paradigm. It predicts that the Deep Impact mission, slated for a July 4, 2005 collision with Comet Tempel-1, will encounter a layered, heterogenous nucleus with subsurface liquid water capped by dense crust. Collision ejecta will include not only vaporized material, but liquid water and large pieces of crust. Since the water will immediately boil, the water vapor signature of Deep Impact may be one to two orders of magnitude larger than that expected from collisional vaporization alone.
Dual PublicationNo
Conflict of InterestNo
Contributing Author Notificationrs

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