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The following three questions refer to the material you were to read in preparation for the lesson.

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1. Multiple Choice

Here are 3 numbers. Rank the numbers according to their significant digits, greatest first:
(1) 0.0086,
(2) 81.600,
(3) 32,360

1, 2, 3
3, 2, 1
3, 1, 2
2, 3, 1

2. Scientific Notation

Scientific notation keeps track of the "size" of the number (powers of 10) separate from the "precision" of the number. Each size is given a prefix as listed in the box on page 7. To avoid having to memorize too many prefixes, they generally jump by 1000's. For example, one letter of the alphabet in my computer is stored in a 8-bit "byte". A 5" floppy disk from my 1981 PC held 250,000 bytes or 250 kilobytes. A 3 1/2" floppy disk in my present computer holds 1,440,000 bytes or 1.44 megabytes. My hard disk holds 6,000,000,000 bytes or 6 gigabytes.

1) If I had two thousand mockingbirds, how would I write that in scientific notation? What is the appropriate prefix to use? How would I say that (scientific) quantity?2X10^3, kilo, two kilomockingbird

Repeat this exercise for the following quantities:
2) A million phones megaphone
3) A millionth of a phone
4) Ten playing cards
5) A trillion bulls
6) A tenth of a future spouse
7) Two hundred withits
8) 10-12 dillies
9) 1015 coats
10) 10-18 boys

honors extra

Make a rough estimate how long it would take you to run from Chicago to Chile. (Don't forget the breaks to sign autographs.)

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