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Laser Satellite Communication
The Third Generation
By William H. Mott, IV and Robert B. Sheldon
With Peter O. McVay and L. Philip Sheldon
Quorum Books. Westport, Conn. 2000. 328 pages
LC 99-27547. ISBN 1-56720-329-9. Q329 $69.50
Available (Status Information Updated 9/13/2001)

** Description **

This introduction to the next generation of human telecommunications enterprise examines the development of laser satellite communications and describes its advantages over previous technologies. It looks at the development of the technology and the industry through wired and wireless media and presents the vision, promise, and challenges of free-space lasers. The book balances its focused consideration of the telecommunications industry and markets with practical thoughts on creating a business involved in the introduction of commercial laser satellite communications systems. Scholars, investors, venture capitalists, policy makers, and corporate leaders will find this to be a comprehensive and eye-opening bridge between the existing telecommunications industry and the opportunities of the next generation.

The opening chapters introduce the concepts of "Migration," "Specialization," and "Interconnectivity" as solutions inherent in third generation laser-satellite communications. The high capacity of the optical spectrum invites migration of applications beyond the narrow RF spectra to the high frequencies of free-space laser beams. Migration stimulates specialization of voice and duplex at the lower, optimal RF spectra. The third generation--laser-wired space--focuses around global satellite interconnectivity between fiber optics and RF. The final chapters introduce a model business concept to pioneer the third generation. Several approaches to capitalization, organization, technology development, and business strategies provide an exciting stimulus for pragmatic approaches to commercial concepts.

** Table of Contents **

-- Introduction
-- Scarcity of the Radio Frequency Spectrum
-- The Human Telecommunication Enterprise
-- The Telecommunications Markets
-- Satellite Telecommunications
-- Satellite Telecommunications Industries
-- Regulatory Issues
-- Laser Satellite Communications
-- Promises, Concepts, and Visions
-- Appendices
-- Glossary
-- Bibliography
-- Author Index

** Authors **

WILLIAM H. MOTT IV has, in a 30 year career in the U.S. Army, observed, analyzed, and managed the interfaces between technology, industry, and government.

ROBERT B. SHELDON is Associate Professor of Physics at the University of Alabama.

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