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10 January 2000


Lecture 2:30-3:25 MWF in Room C113, MatSci Bldg


Rob Sheldon

Office Hours:

9-10 MWF and TBA, Room 348 Optics Bldg


UAH:890 6276 x348
MSFC:544 1652
email: sheldonr@uah.edu

Teaching Assistant:

Hui Liu
OB204 - Monday 9:00-11:30, Tuesday 4:00-5:00, Thursday 8:30-9:50


Fundamentals of Physics, Extended, 5th edition
Halliday, Resnick and Walker
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., NY

Course Description:

Physics 113 is the third and final installment in the series of survey courses of physics, and is the introduction to waves, optics, and modern physics. The course covers the basics of electromagnetic and sound waves, geometrical optics, physical optics (interference and diffraction), special relativity, quantum and nuclear physics.

Students are expected to be familiar with the units of quantities discussed in PH111 and PH112, with the ability to solve problems using algebra, trigonometry and basic calculus.

There will be some computer calculation assignments during the course to help support the theories presented. These assignments can be completed using any computer program or package capable of calculating equations and plotting results, including MS Excel, Mathematica, Mathcad, Maple, Origin, IDL, etc. Detailed instructions will be included with the assignments. Students are encouraged to use the physics department's computer laboratory in OB249 or any other convenient computer for their work.


We are trying out a new teaching style that tries to use the WWW as a fast-response feedback loop. Before each class, a Quiz will be posted on the WWW, which must be completed before 11:00 AM on the day that it is assigned. If it turns out to be possible to grade the Quizzes faster, I will post a change to the due date time. PLEASE do not try to take the quiz after the deadline time, I will not be able to accept it. These quizzes will form the basis of the following lecture. A web site describing this approach can be found at the JiTT Website.


The final grade will be derived from:
Lumped in with the Homework will be all the in-class quizzes and "Pre-Flights" that will be prepared on the web. Exams and homework will both be scaled up so that the class average represents 75%. (No scaling will be done if the average is above 75%). That is, if the class average is 65, and you make a 70, then your recorded grade will be 70 * (75/65) = 81. This scaling then allows me to use an absolute scale for letter grades:
Note that beginning this semester, the "F" grade is replaced with a "N/C" for all 100-level physics courses. That is, failing will no longer reduce your GPA, but it will be treated as if you had withdrawn.

Tentative Lecture Schedule:

1Jan 1017Waves I 12,27,29,43,57,62
1Jan 1217Waves I Quiz 01
1Jan 1417Waves I Quiz 02Chap 17
2Jan 1718MLKJr Holiday
2Jan 1918Waves II Quiz 0311,22,40,56,62,96
2Jan 2118Waves II Quiz 04Chap 18
3Jan 2434EM Waves Quiz 0532,47,56,72,84,87
3Jan 2634EM Waves Quiz 06
3Jan 2834EM Waves Quiz 07Chap 34
4Jan 3135Geom Optics Quiz 0810,16,20,34,42,50
4Feb 235Geom Optics Quiz 09
4Feb 435Geom Optics Quiz 10Chap 35
5Feb 736***Test 1***test 1Homework Ch 35 due
5Feb 936Interference11,30,52,70,78a-c,78d-f
5Feb 1136InterferenceQuiz 12Chap 36
6Feb 1437Diffraction HW Due13,32,43,59,69,79
6Feb 1637Diffraction Quiz 13
6Feb 1837Diffraction Quiz 14Chap 37
7Feb 2138Relativity HW Due17,23,32,38,59,66
7Feb 2338Relativity Quiz 15
7Feb 2538Relativity Quiz 16Chap 38
8Feb 2839Quantum I HW Due10,42,58,67,78,83
8Mar 139Quantum I Quiz 17
8Mar 339Quantum I Quiz 18Chap 39
9Mar 640Quantum II HW Due14,21,27,34,46,49
9Mar 840Quantum II Quiz 19
9Mar 1040Quantum II Quiz 20HW Due Chap 40
10Mar 1341*** Test 2**test 2
10Mar 1541Atoms Quiz 2113,22,24,42,56,62
10Mar 1741Atoms Quiz 22 Chap 41
11Mar 2042Solid State HW Due22,32,35,42,47,49
11Mar 2242Solid State Quiz 23
11Mar 2442Solid State Quiz 24Chap 42
12Mar 27xx*** Spring Break **
12Mar 29xx****Spring Break***
12Mar 31xx****Spring Break***
13Apr 343Nuclear I HW Due22,41,50,63,71,80
13Apr 543Nuclear I Quiz 25
13Apr 743Nuclear I Quiz 25Chap 43
14Apr 1044Nuclear II HW Due10,21,30,44,51,54
14Apr 1244Nuclear II Quiz 26
14Apr 1444Nuclear II Quiz 27Chap 44
15Apr 1745Cosmology HW Due10,14,22,28,34,39
15Apr 1945Cosmology Quiz 28
15Apr 2145Cosmology HW DUEChap 45
16Apr 24xxStudy Day
16May 1xx****Final Exam *****test33:00-5:30


Assigned for each chapter. Due the following period after completing the chapter or when the next homework is assigned. To receive full credit, answers must be submitted on time. Doing these problems is part of the process and I know that you will often work with other students. Do so as a participant, not just a passenger! Late homework will be assessed a penalty of 30% past due date.

Final Scores as of May 4, 2000

Of the 39 who enrolled at the beginning of the semester, 6 withdrew, 4 are pending, 3 "A", 7 "B", 14 "C", 4 "D" and 1 "NC". As you might guess, there were an amazing number of borderline "C", which gives this a slightly skewed distribution. Happily skewed I might add. Have a great summer!
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