25 August 1999

General Laboratory Skills:

There are important skills to be learned in any physics lab course. These skills are usually not taught in your lecture courses. These important skills are to learn how to:
  1. Design an experiment
  2. Make measurements
  3. Select and use instruments
  4. Understand and apply electronics
  5. Apply computers in experiments
  6. Estimate error and its propagation
  7. Relate experiment to theory

Electronics Lab Goals

There are two viewpoints of "electronics":
  1. A subject to be studied on its own merits
  2. As a tool to be used and applied.
Our basic goal in this lab course conform to these two viewpoints.
  1. We want you to understand how electronic devices work,
  2. We want you to learn how to use them properly


During the 12 scheduled lab periods you will:
  1. Design and assemble simple circuits.
  2. Measure their actual performance vs. theory.
  3. Analyze the functioning of lab instruments
  4. Apply to a measurement problem in physics.
1Aug 25No Lab
2Sep 2Batteries
3Sep 9Oscilloscopes
4Sep 16AC Bridge
5Sep 23** Conference **
6Sep 30Diodes and Power Supplies
7Oct 7 ***Fall Break***
8Oct 14Diode Characteristics
9Oct 21Transistors
10Oct 28Op Amps 1
11Nov 4Op Amps 2
12Nov 11***Test 2 ***
13Nov 18BCD Display
14Nov 25***Thanksgiving***
15Dec 2 555 Timer

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