The Book of Job:

A multiperspectival approach to the problem of evil,
The suffering of the righteous, and the justice of God. A theodicy.

Rob Sheldon, MAReligion, Westminster Seminary © 2000

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Job: A Multiperspectival Approach

  1. Preface

  1. Methodology
  2. Introduction

  • Perspectives on Job
    1. Job as Wisdom Literature
    2. Job as Poetry
    3. Job as God on Trial
    4. Job as Man on Trial
    5. Job as Sufferer
    6. Job as Existentialist
    7. Job as Natural Scientist
    8. Job as Theodicy
    9. Job as Messianic Apologetic
    10. A Feminist Critique of Job

  • Commentary on Job
    1. The Court
    2. Round One
    3. Round Two
    4. Round Three
    5. Friend of the Court
    6. The Judge
    7. The Verdict

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